Message of the day
Fall 2013 Formal Membership Recruitment will be held on September 7-10, 2013.
Online Registration is now open. Please read though the information below before registering. Once you have read the information, click the "Register for Recruitment" link on the left-hand toolbar to begin the process!

When should I register?

Incoming Freshman Students -
We recommend incoming freshman students wait until they have graduated high school to complete the registration process. This is to make sure the academic information you have put in is the most current and accurate. It also allows for end of year awards to be included in the honors and awards section of your application.

Transfer and Current Students -
We recommend that students currently in college wait until the end of the spring semester to register. This ensures that the academic information you provide is the most current.

What do I need to register?

Prior to registering, make sure you have all the necessary information to complete the registration form. Once you start the form, you must complete it in its entirety. The following information is needed for the registration form:
- CSU ID Number
- Email Address and Phone Number
- High School GPA
- College GPA (if applicable)
- Information on Highschool, College, and Community Involvement
- Picture in JPEG or BMP form (not required)
- Names, affliations, and college/university attended for any legacy connections (not required)
- Credit Card to make a secure online payment of $35.00